Our aim is to build a modern industrial parks with full service. Their range depends on the specific requirements of clients. Process solutions that we offer you will get you rid of organizational troubles and will create conditions for effective functioning.


In our industrial parks chemical production is predominant. The companies produce different types of chemicals and chemical products and also they are storing them on site. It makes a unique opportunity for cooperation with other subjects either on site or immediate surroundings. We will provide support and development of this potential.

Consulting and advisory support

We provide comprehensive support services in the field of obtaining subsidies (EU funds) and favorable loans. Our team of professionals has extensive experience with the analysis and selection of appropriate financing. We are regularly monitoring of announced calls. We also provide communication with authorities or elaborate applications for grants.

We regularly monitor constantly evolving requirements of legislation in the field of environment, health and safety and industrial accidents. Thanks to our experience we are ready to comprehensively handle and manage the process of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and process of integrated licensing under the Act on IPPC. You dedicate yourself to your business and we will provide you with the professional services in administration environment.

Manpower in region

Locations, where are our parks Nováky and Strážske situated, were previously also focused on industrial production. In view of current development of unemployment and the nature of education of people you can find enough skilled labor in these regions.

A suitable location and localization of sites

Near the transport hubs in Slovakia as well as in the border area will allow you to establish yourself on the relevant market in the region and use the possibilities for cross-border cooperation. Industrial park Nováky, situated in central Slovakia, is an ideal center for connection with surrounding Western markets, while industrial park Strážske, immediately adjacent to Ukraine, is capable of covering the eastern part of Slovakia and Europe.

Optimal Infrastructure

of sites, buildings and the surroundings is an indispensable foundation of the effective business development. Industrial areas with complete spatial backgrounds, energy equipment, waste management and transport accessibility are fully prepared for your industrial activities. Since our complexes have long been in continuous operation, they fulfill all the necessary requirements and current regulations related to the operation of demanding industrial activities in their areas while also providing favorable conditions for connection and energy consumption.

Adjustment of premises and areas made-to-measure

Size, layout, connections and other equipment will be adjusted according to your needs and preferences. Depending on your activities we determine acreage, orientation and follow-ups needed for you to be able to optimize the most synergistic collaboration and energy efficiency within the site and the region to get the most for your operation. Properties made-to-measure with the complexity of services adapted to your requirements increase not only the credit of the premises but also the quality of your results.