Basic data

The area of complex


Areas ready for construction

107.600 m2

The number of companies


The number of jobs


Length of the road network

21 km

Length of the railway network

30 km


chemical, engineering and energy, wood, plastics processing, trucking, collection and processing of scrap metal


  • Production facilities
  • Warehouses and storage areas
  • Office, administrative and archival facilities
  • Areas of construction (brownfield), build to suit
  • Laboratories
  • Lockers
  • Social areas (showers, washrooms, toilets)


  • Supply of electricity at voltage levels of 22 kV, 6 kV and 0,4 kV,
  • Supply of steam at a pressure of 2.1 Mpa, 1.3 Mpa and 0,6 Mpa
  • Supply of natural gas at pressure of 0.8 to 0.9 Mpa
  • Supply and drainage of:
    • Drinking water
    • Surface water
    • Deminarelized water at a pressure of 0.7 Mpa
    • Filtered water (suitable for cooling) at a pressure of 0.65 Mpa
    • Industrial water
    • Water for firefighting
  • Air – dried and undried


  • Wastewater treatment in sewage treatment plant
  • Operation of self-dumps of solid non-hazardous waste
  • Operation of own solid hazardous waste landfill
  • Own plants for treatment waste by biodegradation