Our aim is to build a modern industrial park with full service. Their range depends on the specific requirements of clients. Process solutions that we offer will get you rid of organizational troubles and will create conditions for efficient functioning of your company or business. You will be able to dedicate your time mainly to your business.

In industrial park Strážske, we provide the following services:

Service and maintenance – repairing or tuning anything with immediate effect is possible thanks to our service technicians right on the site. Do not waste your time searching for an external company and waiting for available appointment. With us you have everything within reach.

Security service – in the entire complex and each building, which is guarantee of the safety of your operation 24/7. Without necessity to spend extra money on security systems, you have everything under control at our sites.

IT services, telecommunication services, internet, attendance system – consistent management of everything you need in the most modern design is part of our offer for your operation. Connected, updated, serviced so you can keep up with the pace.

Energy supplies – electricity, steam, natural gas, air and water of different composition are essential for your everyday trouble-free operation. Possibility of connection and subscription as needed, without unnecessary initial formalities.

Liability insurance for damages caused by the breakdown of energy – we do not only deliver energy, but we also guarantee the delivery. If not, we are fully responsible for it and if necessary, also insured.

Waste storage, waste management, private sewage treatment plant – we take care of storage and disposal of waste without your concern. As these are chemical estates, also an (un)safe waste is safe with us.

Services of security and firefighting technicians – safety of property and people is paramount, so the area is secured in every way, just in case. In the state of emergency, security and firefighting technicians are at your service.

Management of maps and general building schemes – premises, buildings, energy distribution and other necessary documents mapping the entire industrial park assist in arranging the necessary permits to start any operation. Management of industrial area asset is a prerequisite for swift implementation of enterprise into the market environment.

Management of project documentation – pre-built business conditions from the project to its management will allow you to start a business easier and more efficient. The project documentation for approval or approbation for manufacturing or other facilities is available right on the premises.

Inside areal branch road and railway siding connected to national network – to facilitate the logistics and transportation of materials within the site, there are available effective routes and equipment to make connection of facilities to state transport network easier.

Weighing cars and railway wagons – necessary for the purpose of registration during arrival and departure.

Customs and declaration services – save time and costs for customs clearance and other related requirements under one roof. Our own customs declaration department as part of the industrial park is accelerating traffic flow with shortening the legislative process.

Fire brigade services – because it is a chemical complex, security forces are strengthened also in the area of fire services.

Cleaning of the premises – tidiness and cleaning without worries, made responsible and regularly throughout the whole year are available for all the companies located in the industrial park.

Maintenance of territory – estate has secured also exterior cleaning of all roads and surfaces. Summer and winter maintenance of park and all of the roads will let you dedicate your time to your priorities regardless of the weather situation.

Relocation of the company and its technologies – to move an industrial estate with oversized technical equipment and technology as well as with logistics, may not be easy. Therefore, we have a solution for you. We will help you move everything you need so your relocation will be without any worries.

Review and development of service plans – we provide regular maintenance and inspection of electrical and other devices, that require it. Physical and legislative review on the premises will relieve you from tracking deadlines and additional costs.

Archiving services – use our premises for storage and archiving so you will get an extra space for important documents. Place, time and care for archiving will let you have all legislative aspects under control.

Healthcare services – thorough care for all employees of the complex right on the spot and immediately, if necessary, is the right solution in the field of employee care, in case of industrial sites with different focus.

Eating in the area - do not waste your time and let whole your company eat directly in the industrial park. Catering at its own premises will be beneficial for both employees and employers.

Relaxation and wellness stays – regeneration and recovery in order to increase the performance of employees and managers is an additional service provided by our partner institutions. Relaxing services in pleasant environment at favorable prices will enable not only to meet the required legislative regulations.